Who We Are

Corporate Immigration Partners P.C. (CIPPC) is a nationwide US immigration law firm headquartered in Boston with offices in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. We are an immigration leader who optimizes business and employment-based immigration cases to deliver successful results. Our firm has a professional team of more than 30 skilled immigration attorneys with decades of collective experience handling over 32000 I-140 and I-129 approval cases.

Unlike other traditional law firms, we utilize cutting-edge legal technologies and legal expertise, and we are in the midst of an inspiring journey to reinvent and redefine the modern immigration process. We specialize in helping the most talented people with their immigration needs. Our attorneys represent clients ranging from Fortune 500s to cutting-edge startups across various industries to help clients secure top talents worldwide.

CORPORATE IMMIGRATION PARTNERS P.C. (CIPPC) is a USPTO registered service mark owned by CORPORATE IMMIGRATION PARTNERS P.C. with a registration serial number of 97350081 and a filing date of April 6, 2022. A federally registered service mark serves as a nationwide constructive notice for the use and ownership of CORPORATE IMMIGRATION PARTNERS P.C. (CIPPC). The service mark has a predecessor registered service mark with a registration serial number of 5095054 and a filing date of April 22, 2016.

Corporate Immigration Partners P.C. (CIPPC) specializes in:

  • Extensive immigration knowledge
  • Professional legal consultation
  • A true understanding of client profiles
  • Case management
  • Efficient communications
  • Client success
  • Client connections
  • Advanced technology
  • Innovative immigration process

Who We Serve

We provide foreign professionals and businesses with comprehensive legal solutions to meet immigration needs. From case evaluation to strategy planning, our team brings years of successful experience to make the best of cases to success.

What We Do

We work in a range of individual and corporate employment-based immigration cases, including H1-B Visa, EB-1 Visa, E-2 Visa, EB2-NIW Visa, and O-1 Visa. By combining cutting-edge technology-enabled customer experience with top-notch legal expertise, we alter the complicated process into efficient and simple solutions.

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